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United States - Women's Premier League Season: Competition overview
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Women's Premier League

Women's Premier League 2014

The final phase was played at the Life University in Marietta (GA).
In semifinal the Atlanta Harlequins defeated 8-7 the Glendale Raptors but the result was reversed having being fielded an uneligible player.

Final results

Regular season
Red Conference
1Twin Cities Amazons3066003105625460Qualified to semifinals
2Atlanta Harlequins1663031521173531
3D.C. Furies13630399178-7910Qualified for 5th place semifinals
4New York R.C. Women0600644254-21000

Regular season
14/09/2014D.C. Furies - New York R.C. Women25-10
14/09/2014Twin Cities Amazons - Atlanta Harlequins40-12
21/09/2014Atlanta Harlequins - New York R.C. Women41-5
21/09/2014Twin Cities Amazons - D.C. Furies62-14
28/09/2014Atlanta Harlequins - D.C. Furies19-24
28/09/2014New York R.C. Women - Twin Cities Amazons17-59
12/10/2014D.C. Furies - Twin Cities Amazons3-58
12/10/2014New York R.C. Women - Atlanta Harlequins5-48
19/10/2014D.C. Furies - Atlanta Harlequins7-22
19/10/2014Twin Cities Amazons - New York R.C. Women55-0
26/10/2014Atlanta Harlequins - Twin Cities Amazons10-36
26/10/2014New York R.C. Women - D.C. Furies7-26

Blue Conference
1Glendale Raptors Women2164022441558950Qualified to semifinals
2Berkeley All Blues176303131137-632
3ORSU Women176303133176-4332Qualified for 5th place semifinals
4San Diego Surfers136204177217-4041

Regular season
13/09/2014Glendale Raptors Women - San Diego Surfers52-14
13/09/2014ORSU Women - Berkeley All Blues17-12
20/09/2014Berkeley All Blues - San Diego Surfers22-26
20/09/2014ORSU Women - Glendale Raptors Women7-64
27/09/2014Berkeley All Blues - Glendale Raptors Women33-22
27/09/2014San Diego Surfers - ORSU Women36-39
04/10/2014Glendale Raptors Women - ORSU Women28-24
11/10/2014San Diego Surfers - Berkeley All Blues17-35
18/10/2014Glendale Raptors Women - Berkeley All Blues50-17
18/10/2014ORSU Women - San Diego Surfers41-24
25/10/2014Berkeley All Blues - ORSU Women12-5
26/10/2014San Diego Surfers - Glendale Raptors Women60-28

Final phase
Glendale Raptors Women
11/7/2014 - Walk OverGlendale Raptors Women
11/9/2014 - 16-15
Atlanta HarlequinsGlendale Raptors Women
Twin Cities Amazons
11/7/2014 - 22-19
Twin Cities Amazons
Berkeley All Blues
3rd place final
Berkeley All Blues
11/9/2014 - 20-15Berkeley All Blues
Atlanta Harlequins
5th place semifinals5th place final
San Diego Surfers
11/7/2014 - 32-3San Diego Surfers
11/9/2014 - 29-14
D.C. FuriesSan Diego Surfers
ORSU Women
11/7/2014 - 37-22
ORSU Women
New York R.C. Women
7th place final
D.C. Furies
11/9/2014 - 27-13D.C. Furies
New York R.C. Women