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United States - Women's Premier League Season: Competition overview
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Women's Premier League

Women's Premier League 2018

Final results

Regular season
Red Conference
1Twin Cities Amazons2985122561768061Qualified to semifinals
2New York R.C. Women2785032522193361
3Atlanta Harlequins25840432019312772Qualified to first phase 3rd placed semifinal
4Beantown RFC218413185192-730Qualified to first phase 4th/5th placed semifinals
5D.C. Furies68107116349-23320

Regular season
19/08/2018Beantown RFC - Atlanta Harlequins17-15
19/08/2018D.C. Furies - Twin Cities Amazons33-31
25/08/2018Atlanta Harlequins - New York R.C. Women38-50
26/08/2018Twin Cities Amazons - Beantown RFC15-15
01/09/2018Atlanta Harlequins - Twin Cities Amazons53-10
02/09/2018New York R.C. Women - D.C. Furies44-24
08/09/2018Beantown RFC - D.C. Furies52-3
09/09/2018Twin Cities Amazons - New York R.C. Women39-10
15/09/2018D.C. Furies - Atlanta Harlequins12-51
16/09/2018New York R.C. Women - Beantown RFC30-33
22/09/2018Atlanta Harlequins - Beantown RFC43-12
23/09/2018Twin Cities Amazons - D.C. Furies58-15
30/09/2018Beantown RFC - Twin Cities Amazons12-52
30/09/2018New York R.C. Women - Atlanta Harlequins60-32
07/10/2018D.C. Furies - New York R.C. Women12-20
07/10/2018Twin Cities Amazons - Atlanta Harlequins25-24
13/10/2018D.C. Furies - Beantown RFC10-29
14/10/2018New York R.C. Women - Twin Cities Amazons14-26
20/10/2018Atlanta Harlequins - D.C. Furies64-7
21/10/2018Beantown RFC - New York R.C. Women15-24

Blue Conference
1San Diego Surfers34861127812815071Qualified to semifinals
2Glendale Merlins Women33861136114221970
3Berkeley All Blues2485032322042840Qualified to first phase 3rd placed semifinal
4ORSU Women148206174292-11842Qualified to first phase 4th/5th placed semifinals
5Chicago North Shore48008107386-27922

Regular season
18/08/2018Berkeley All Blues - San Diego Surfers17-12
18/08/2018ORSU Women - Chicago North Shore44-10
25/08/2018Berkeley All Blues - ORSU Women41-7
25/08/2018San Diego Surfers - Glendale Merlins Women31-22
01/09/2018ORSU Women - Glendale Merlins Women14-46
02/09/2018Chicago North Shore - Berkeley All Blues29-36
08/09/2018Glendale Merlins Women - Berkeley All Blues46-21
09/09/2018Chicago North Shore - San Diego Surfers10-24
15/09/2018ORSU Women - San Diego Surfers26-29
16/09/2018Chicago North Shore - Glendale Merlins Women0-45
22/09/2018San Diego Surfers - Berkeley All Blues43-5
23/09/2018Chicago North Shore - ORSU Women24-26
29/09/2018Glendale Merlins Women - San Diego Surfers31-31
30/09/2018ORSU Women - Berkeley All Blues31-36
06/10/2018Berkeley All Blues - Chicago North Shore62-12
06/10/2018Glendale Merlins Women - ORSU Women62-19
13/10/2018Berkeley All Blues - Glendale Merlins Women14-24
13/10/2018San Diego Surfers - Chicago North Shore64-10
20/10/2018Glendale Merlins Women - Chicago North Shore85-12
20/10/2018San Diego Surfers - ORSU Women44-7

Final phase
San Diego Surfers
10/26/2018 - 26-17San Diego Surfers
10/28/2018 - 34-28
New York R.C. WomenSan Diego Surfers
Twin Cities Amazons
10/26/2018 - 5-30
Glendale Merlins Women
Glendale Merlins Women
3rd place final
New York R.C. Women
10/28/2018 - 35-15New York R.C. Women
Twin Cities Amazons
First phase 3rd placed semifinal
Berkeley All Blues
10/26/2018 - 19-12Berkeley All Blues
Atlanta Harlequins
First phase 4th/5th placed semifinal
ORSU Women
10/26/2018 - 32-7ORSU Women
D.C. Furies
First phase 4th/5th placed semifinal
Beantown RFC
10/26/2018 - 14-15Chicago North Shore
Chicago North Shore
5th place final
Berkeley All Blues
10/28/2018 - 39-5Berkeley All Blues
ORSU Women
7th place final
Atlanta Harlequins
10/28/2018 - 42-17Atlanta Harlequins
Chicago North Shore
9th place final
Beantown RFC
10/28/2018 - 55-14Beantown RFC
D.C. Furies