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Germany - Women's Bundesliga Season: Competition overview
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Women's Bundesliga

Women's Bundesliga 2010/11

Final results

First phase
1FC St. Pauli Women1533001171510230Qualified for playoff
2SG Mitteldeutsches Rugby Women731113054-2410
3SC Germania List Women731113039-910Qualified for 5th place final
4Berliner SC Women030031281-6900

First phase
11/09/2010Berliner SC Women - SC Germania List Women7-20
25/09/2010SC Germania List Women - FC St. Pauli Women5-27
25/09/2010SG Mitteldeutsches Rugby Women - Berliner SC Women20-0
09/10/2010Berliner SC Women - FC St. Pauli Women5-41
09/10/2010SG Mitteldeutsches Rugby Women - SC Germania List Women5-5
23/10/2010FC St. Pauli Women - SG Mitteldeutsches Rugby Women49-5

1Heidelberger RK Women296600511550650Qualified for playoff
2SC Neuenheim Women2565013368025650
3SG Mittelhessen Women156303150312-16230Qualified for 5th place final
4Heidelberger RK Women II146213102219-11731
5Stuttgarter RC Women136303104199-9530
6ASV Köln Women3500584231-14703
7München RFC Women3501458299-24101
Stuttgarter RC had a 2 points deduction
for not playing against Heidelberger RK on 18/09.

First phase
11/09/2010Heidelberger RK Women - Heidelberger RK Women II115-0
11/09/2010SC Neuenheim Women - SG Mittelhessen Women84-26
18/09/2010ASV Köln Women - SC Neuenheim Women24-31
18/09/2010Heidelberger RK Women - Stuttgarter RC WomenHome team
walk over
18/09/2010SG Mittelhessen Women - München RFC Women46-29
25/09/2010ASV Köln Women - Heidelberger RK Women II29-34
25/09/2010Heidelberger RK Women - SG Mittelhessen Women111-0
26/09/2010SC Neuenheim Women - Stuttgarter RC Women60-0
02/10/2010ASV Köln Women - Heidelberger RK Women0-118
02/10/2010Heidelberger RK Women II - Stuttgarter RC Women29-12
02/10/2010München RFC Women - SC Neuenheim Women0-131
09/10/2010ASV Köln Women - SG Mittelhessen Women19-21
09/10/2010Heidelberger RK Women II - SC Neuenheim Women5-25
09/10/2010München RFC Women - Stuttgarter RC Women29-30
23/10/2010SG Mittelhessen Women - Heidelberger RK Women II38-34
23/10/2010Stuttgarter RC Women - ASV Köln Women27-12
24/10/2010Heidelberger RK Women - München RFC Women92-0
21/11/2010München RFC Women - Heidelberger RK Women II0-0
21/11/2010SC Neuenheim Women - Heidelberger RK Women5-25
21/11/2010Stuttgarter RC Women - SG Mittelhessen Women35-19
27/11/2010München RFC Women - ASV Köln WomenCancelled

Final phase
1Heidelberger RK Women102200143513820
2SC Neuenheim Women83111100105-520
3FC St. Pauli Women831117497-2320
4SG Mitteldeutsches Rugby Women0200215125-11000

Final phase
19/03/2011SC Neuenheim Women - FC St. Pauli Women22-22
19/03/2011SG Mitteldeutsches Rugby Women - Heidelberger RK WomenCancelled
26/03/2011FC St. Pauli Women - Heidelberger RK Women0-65
26/03/2011SG Mitteldeutsches Rugby Women - SC Neuenheim Women5-73
02/04/2011FC St. Pauli Women - SG Mitteldeutsches Rugby Women52-10
02/04/2011Heidelberger RK Women - SC Neuenheim Women78-5

5th place ranking
1SC Germania List Women2555002571923850
2ASV Köln Women154301106921430
3SG Mittelhessen Women1553021821235930
4Berliner SC Women10420273152-7920
5München RFC Women8510464178-11422
6Stuttgarter RC Women-2500542160-11800
Stuttgarter RC had a 2 points deduction
for not playing against SC Germania List on 13/03.

Final phase
13/03/2011Berliner SC Women - ASV Köln WomenCancelled
13/03/2011SC Germania List Women - München RFC Women54-0
13/03/2011SG Mittelhessen Women - Stuttgarter RC Women22-10
13/03/2011SG Mittelhessen Women - München RFC Women68-0
13/03/2011Stuttgarter RC Women - SC Germania List WomenAway team
walk over
26/03/2011ASV Köln Women - München RFC Women29-22
26/03/2011ASV Köln Women - Stuttgarter RC Women29-5
26/03/2011Berliner SC Women - SC Germania List Women0-68
26/03/2011München RFC Women - Stuttgarter RC Women32-10
26/03/2011SG Mittelhessen Women - Berliner SC Women57-29
09/04/2011ASV Köln Women - SG Mittelhessen Women43-21
09/04/2011München RFC Women - Berliner SC Women10-17
09/04/2011SC Germania List Women - ASV Köln Women44-5
09/04/2011SG Mittelhessen Women - SC Germania List Women14-41
09/04/2011Stuttgarter RC Women - Berliner SC Women17-27