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Germany - Women's Bundesliga Season: Competition overview
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Women's Bundesliga

Women's Bundesliga 2013/14

Final results

Regular season
1SC Neuenheim Women2966002143118350Qualified for semifinals
2ASV Köln Women2164022306916141Qualified to quarter finals
3Heidelberger RK Women2064022095715240
4FC St. Pauli Women1563031651254030
5SG Rhein-Main Women146303110146-3620
6SC Germania List Women6610564166-10211
7Stuttgarter RC Women060065403-39800

Regular season
14/09/2013ASV Köln Women - Stuttgarter RC Women132-0
21/09/2013ASV Köln Women - SC Germania List Women25-5
21/09/2013FC St. Pauli Women - SC Neuenheim Women0-12
22/09/2013Heidelberger RK Women - SG Rhein-Main Women44-5
19/10/2013Heidelberger RK Women - SC Neuenheim Women7-22
19/10/2013SC Germania List Women - FC St. Pauli Women7-25
19/10/2013SG Rhein-Main Women - Stuttgarter RC Women29-0
26/10/2013FC St. Pauli Women - ASV Köln Women10-29
26/10/2013SG Rhein-Main Women - SC Germania List Women19-17
26/10/2013Stuttgarter RC Women - SC Neuenheim Women0-76
02/11/2013SC Germania List Women - Heidelberger RK Women5-41
02/11/2013Stuttgarter RC Women - FC St. Pauli Women0-86
09/11/2013Stuttgarter RC Women - Heidelberger RK WomenAway team
walk over
16/11/2013Heidelberger RK Women - FC St. Pauli Women62-10
16/11/2013SG Rhein-Main Women - ASV Köln Women25-22
30/11/2013ASV Köln Women - Heidelberger RK Women15-5
30/11/2013SC Germania List Women - Stuttgarter RC Women30-5
30/11/2013SC Neuenheim Women - SG Rhein-Main Women29-17
07/12/2013SC Neuenheim Women - ASV Köln Women24-7
01/03/2014FC St. Pauli Women - SG Rhein-Main Women34-15
01/03/2014SC Neuenheim Women - SC Germania List Women51-0

Final phase
Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
FC St. Pauli Women
3/15/2014 - 70-0
3/22/2014 - 33-0
FC St. Pauli Women
4/12/2014 - 22-12
4/26/2014 - 0-37
Stuttgarter RC WomenSC Neuenheim Women
5/10/2014 - 7-14
SC Neuenheim Women
Heidelberger RK Women
ASV Köln Women
3/15/2014 - 34-32
3/22/2014 - 19-22
SG Rhein-Main Women
4/12/2014 - 0-99
4/26/2014 - 0-97
SG Rhein-Main Women
Heidelberger RK WomenHeidelberger RK Women
3/15/2014 - 81-0
3/22/2014 - 53-5
Heidelberger RK Women
SC Germania List Women