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Germany - Women's Bundesliga Season: Competition overview
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Women's Bundesliga

Women's Bundesliga 2017/18

Final results

Regular season
1SC Neuenheim Women4088003505229880Qualified to semifinals
2RSV Köln Women2986022171387950
3Heidelberger RK Women2184042331726141
4SG Rhein-Main Women6810774302-22811
5FC St. Pauli Women3810779289-210-10

Regular season
16/09/2017RSV Köln Women - SG Rhein-Main Women10-7
07/10/2017FC St. Pauli Women - SG Rhein-Main Women17-0
07/10/2017SC Neuenheim Women - Heidelberger RK Women34-0
14/10/2017FC St. Pauli Women - RSV Köln Women20-31
14/10/2017SG Rhein-Main Women - SC Neuenheim Women8-53
28/10/2017Heidelberger RK Women - SG Rhein-Main Women48-8
28/10/2017SC Neuenheim Women - RSV Köln Women45-7
04/11/2017FC St. Pauli Women - Heidelberger RK Women15-29
11/11/2017RSV Köln Women - Heidelberger RK Women27-17
11/11/2017SC Neuenheim Women - FC St. Pauli Women56-0
25/11/2017Heidelberger RK Women - FC St. Pauli Women55-14
25/11/2017SG Rhein-Main Women - RSV Köln Women5-41
02/12/2017Heidelberger RK Women - SC Neuenheim Women21-23
02/12/2017SG Rhein-Main Women - FC St. Pauli Women38-5
10/03/2018SC Neuenheim Women - SG Rhein-Main Women80-3
17/03/2018SG Rhein-Main Women - Heidelberger RK Women5-48
31/03/2018RSV Köln Women - FC St. Pauli WomenHome team
walk over
14/04/2018FC St. Pauli Women - SC Neuenheim Women8-30
14/04/2018Heidelberger RK Women - RSV Köln Women15-46
28/04/2018RSV Köln Women - SC Neuenheim Women5-29

Final phase