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South Africa - Currie Cup Season: Competition overview
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Currie Cup Division A
Currie Cup Division B
Sport Pienaar Cup A
Sport Pienaar Cup B

Sport Pienaar Cup A 1986

The best 2 teams from Sport Pienaar A and the best 2 teams from Sport Pienaar B qualified for semifinals.
The Sport Pienaar A regular season winner qualified for a promotion/relegation playoff against the worst team from Currie Cup B.
The worst team had to play a promotion/relegation playoff against the Sport Pienaar B winner.

Teams variations
Relegated from Currie Cup Division B 1985:Boland
Promoted to Currie Cup Division B 1986:Vaal Triangle

Final results

Regular season
1North Eastern Cape1065011057233Qualified for semifinals and for promotion playoffs
2Border964111006040Qualified for semifinals
4Northern Natal66303119125-6
5Western Province League66303105120-15
6South Eastern Transvaal2610583110-27
7South Western Districts0600659141-82Qualified for playout

Regular season
07/06/1986Border - South Western Districts11-7
07/06/1986South Eastern Transvaal - Northern Natal17-22
07/06/1986Western Province League - Boland8-17
14/06/1986South Western Districts - South Eastern Transvaal12-18
21/06/1986North Eastern Cape - Western Province League21-13
21/06/1986Northern Natal - Border9-20
21/06/1986South Western Districts - Boland0-29
05/07/1986Boland - Border13-13
05/07/1986North Eastern Cape - Northern Natal29-12
05/07/1986Western Province League - South Eastern Transvaal17-13
12/07/1986Boland - Northern Natal12-15
12/07/1986Border - South Eastern Transvaal16-7
12/07/1986Western Province League - South Western Districts26-12
19/07/1986Boland - North Eastern Cape11-0
02/08/1986Northern Natal - Western Province League26-28
02/08/1986South Eastern Transvaal - Boland10-21
02/08/1986South Western Districts - North Eastern Cape9-22
09/08/1986North Eastern Cape - Border11-9
23/08/1986Border - Western Province League31-13
23/08/1986Northern Natal - South Western Districts35-19
23/08/1986South Eastern Transvaal - North Eastern Cape18-22

Final phase
North Eastern Cape
9/6/1986 - 25-16North Eastern Cape
9/13/1986 - 19-18
Far NorthNorth Eastern Cape
Eastern Free State
9/6/1986 - 37-18
Eastern Free State

Eastern Free State
9/20/1986 - 21-26
10/4/1986 - 28-7
Eastern Free State
South Western Districts