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Top Challenge League 2019/20

Teams variations

Regular season
1Kintetsu Liners347700395107288521660
2Toyota Shokki Shuttles257502257136121301850
3Coca-Cola West Red Sparks24751121213181262020
4Kamaishi Sea Waves157313142232-90193501
5Kurita Water137304123190-67162701
6Mazda Blue Zoomers107205133229-96202411
7Kyuden Voltex8720597222-125142100
8Shimizu Blue Sharks37007142254-112173303

Regular season
15/11/2019Toyota Shokki Shuttles - Mazda Blue Zoomers45-17
16/11/2019Kamaishi Sea Waves - Coca-Cola West Red Sparks24-24
16/11/2019Kurita Water - Kyuden Voltex20-5
17/11/2019Kintetsu Liners - Shimizu Blue Sharks64-29
23/11/2019Coca-Cola West Red Sparks - Kurita Water26-14
23/11/2019Kamaishi Sea Waves - Kyuden Voltex19-26
23/11/2019Shimizu Blue Sharks - Mazda Blue Zoomers17-31
24/11/2019Kintetsu Liners - Toyota Shokki Shuttles33-22
07/12/2019Kurita Water - Kamaishi Sea Waves8-11
07/12/2019Shimizu Blue Sharks - Coca-Cola West Red Sparks7-44
08/12/2019Kyuden Voltex - Toyota Shokki Shuttles8-71
08/12/2019Mazda Blue Zoomers - Kintetsu Liners3-58
14/12/2019Kamaishi Sea Waves - Toyota Shokki Shuttles18-45
14/12/2019Mazda Blue Zoomers - Coca-Cola West Red Sparks19-47
14/12/2019Shimizu Blue Sharks - Kurita Water13-28
15/12/2019Kintetsu Liners - Kyuden Voltex47-15
21/12/2019Coca-Cola West Red Sparks - Kintetsu Liners26-43
21/12/2019Kyuden Voltex - Shimizu Blue Sharks23-20
21/12/2019Mazda Blue Zoomers - Kamaishi Sea Waves17-20
21/12/2019Toyota Shokki Shuttles - Kurita Water36-19
11/01/2020Kintetsu Liners - Kamaishi Sea Waves76-12
11/01/2020Mazda Blue Zoomers - Kurita Water25-34
11/01/2020Toyota Shokki Shuttles - Shimizu Blue Sharks26-20
12/01/2020Coca-Cola West Red Sparks - Kyuden Voltex24-12
19/01/2020Kurita Water - Kintetsu Liners0-74
19/01/2020Kyuden Voltex - Mazda Blue Zoomers8-21
19/01/2020Shimizu Blue Sharks - Kamaishi Sea Waves36-38
19/01/2020Toyota Shokki Shuttles - Coca-Cola West Red Sparks12-21