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Soviet Union - Soviet Union Championship Season: Competition overview
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Soviet Union Championship

Soviet Union Championship 1966

Ukraine qualified for the final phase Spartak Kiev, winner of the Ukrainian SSR Championship.

The final phase was played in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Final results
Winner:MVTU Moskva

Moscow region qualifier
Dinamo Moskva
10/5/1966 - 35-0Dinamo Moskva
10/8/1966 - 6-3
Kometa MoskvaDinamo Moskva
Zenit Moskva
10/4/1966 - 27-3
Zenit Moskva
Aeroflot Moskva
MAI Moskva
10/4/1966 - 24-3MAI Moskva
10/8/1966 - 8-0
VVS MoskvaMAI Moskva
Krylja Sovetov Moskva
10/4/1966 - 14-0
Krylja Sovetov Moskva
MVA Moskva
MVTU Moskva
10/5/1966 - 17-5MVTU Moskva
10/8/1966 - 14-8
Lokomotiv MoskvaMVTU Moskva
Spartak Moskva
10/5/1966 - 16-0
Spartak Moskva
Trud Khimki

First phase
Baltic region

Moscow region
1Dinamo Moskva422001569Qualified for final phase
2MVTU Moskva221011165
3MAI Moskva02002317-14

First phase
10/10/1966Dinamo Moskva - MAI Moskva9-3
10/10/1966Dinamo Moskva - MVTU Moskva6-3
10/10/1966MVTU Moskva - MAI Moskva8-0

1Lokomotiv Tbilisi3211064658Qualified for final phase
2Dinamo Tbilisi3211059950
3Dinamo Erevan020029117-108

First phase
27/09/1966Lokomotiv Tbilisi - Dinamo Tbilisi3-3
29/09/1966Dinamo Tbilisi - Dinamo Erevan56-6
01/10/1966Lokomotiv Tbilisi - Dinamo Erevan61-3

Final phase
1MVTU Moskva105500712051Winner
2Dinamo Tbilisi85401452520
3Dinamo Moskva653023943-4
4Spartak Kiev351133971-32
5Spartak Leningrad251042643-17
6Lokomotiv Tbilisi150144058-18

Final phase
28/10/1966Dinamo Tbilisi - Lokomotiv Tbilisi15-11
28/10/1966MVTU Moskva - Dinamo Moskva14-3
28/10/1966Spartak Kiev - Spartak Leningrad8-0
30/10/1966Dinamo Moskva - Spartak Kiev16-8
30/10/1966Dinamo Tbilisi - MVTU Moskva3-5
01/11/1966Dinamo Tbilisi - Dinamo Moskva9-3
01/11/1966Lokomotiv Tbilisi - Spartak Kiev9-9
01/11/1966MVTU Moskva - Spartak Leningrad18-6
03/11/1966Dinamo Tbilisi - Spartak Leningrad6-0
03/11/1966Lokomotiv Tbilisi - Dinamo Moskva12-14
03/11/1966MVTU Moskva - Spartak Kiev34-8
04/11/1966Lokomotiv Tbilisi - Spartak Leningrad8-20
05/11/1966Dinamo Moskva - Spartak Leningrad3-0
05/11/1966Dinamo Tbilisi - Spartak Kiev12-6
05/11/1966Lokomotiv Tbilisi - MVTU MoskvaAway team
walk over

Matches schedule
05/11/1966 - Final phase
Dinamo Moskva - Spartak Leningrad3-0
Dinamo Tbilisi - Spartak Kiev12-6
Lokomotiv Tbilisi - MVTU MoskvaAway team
walk over
04/11/1966 - Final phase
Lokomotiv Tbilisi - Spartak Leningrad8-20
03/11/1966 - Final phase
Dinamo Tbilisi - Spartak Leningrad6-0
Lokomotiv Tbilisi - Dinamo Moskva12-14
MVTU Moskva - Spartak Kiev34-8
01/11/1966 - Final phase
Dinamo Tbilisi - Dinamo Moskva9-3
Lokomotiv Tbilisi - Spartak Kiev9-9
MVTU Moskva - Spartak Leningrad18-6
30/10/1966 - Final phase
Dinamo Moskva - Spartak Kiev16-8
Dinamo Tbilisi - MVTU Moskva3-5
28/10/1966 - Final phase
Dinamo Tbilisi - Lokomotiv Tbilisi15-11
MVTU Moskva - Dinamo Moskva14-3
Spartak Kiev - Spartak Leningrad8-0
10/10/1966 - First phase
Dinamo Moskva - MAI Moskva9-3
Dinamo Moskva - MVTU Moskva6-3
MVTU Moskva - MAI Moskva8-0
08/10/1966 - Final Moscow region qualifier
Dinamo Moskva - Zenit Moskva6-3
MAI Moskva - Krylja Sovetov Moskva8-0
MVTU Moskva - Spartak Moskva14-8
05/10/1966 - Semifinals Moscow region qualifier
Dinamo Moskva - Kometa Moskva35-0
MVTU Moskva - Lokomotiv Moskva17-5
Spartak Moskva - Trud Khimki16-0
04/10/1966 - Semifinals Moscow region qualifier
Krylja Sovetov Moskva - MVA Moskva14-0
MAI Moskva - VVS Moskva24-3
Zenit Moskva - Aeroflot Moskva27-3
01/10/1966 - First phase
Lokomotiv Tbilisi - Dinamo Erevan61-3
29/09/1966 - First phase
Dinamo Tbilisi - Dinamo Erevan56-6
27/09/1966 - First phase
Lokomotiv Tbilisi - Dinamo Tbilisi3-3
Burevestnik Leningrad - Daugava Riga20-3
Burevestnik Leningrad - Stakles Kaunas27-3
Spartak Leningrad - Burevestnik Leningrad8-3
Spartak Leningrad - Daugava Riga9-8
Spartak Leningrad - Stakles Kaunas12-0
Stakles Kaunas - Daugava Riga8-3