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Soviet Union - Soviet Union Championship Group B Season: Competition overview
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Major League
First League
Soviet Union Cup
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First League 1982

It was played by the 2 teams relegated in the previous season by Major League and by 10 teams qualified through regional qualifiers.
The best two teams of each first phase group qualified for a promotion / relegation group against the four worst teams from Major League.
Group A was played in Vilnius and Kaunas, Lithuania between 2nd and 10th June.
Group B was played in Tashkent, Uzbekistan between 2nd and 10th June.
The 5th place final group was played between 1st and 10th June in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and Kaunas, Lithuania, and between 14th and 19th September in Kirov, Russia.

Teams variations
Relegated from Major League 1981:Spartak Moskva - Shevardeni Tbilisi
Promoted to Major League 1982:KPI Kiev - Primoretz Leningrad

Final results

First phase
Group A
1Stakles Kaunas00000Qualified for playoff
2MAI Moskva00000
?RAF Jelgava00000Qualified for 5th place final
?LGU Leningrad00000
?Sokol Kujbishev00000
?Kosmos Tashkent00000

Group B
1Spartak Moskva00000Qualified for playoff
2Shevardeni Tbilisi00000
?SMI-Burevestnik Novokuznetsk00000Qualified for 5th place final
?TashPI Tashkent00000
?Elektromash Tiraspol00000
?Press Dnipropetrovsk00000