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Chile - Women's Torneo Nacional de Asociaciones Season: Competition overview
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Women's Torneo Nacional de Asociaciones

Women's Torneo Nacional de Asociaciones 2019

The 1st round was played in Antofagasta.
The 2nd round was played in Arica.
The 3rd round was played in Santiago.

Final results

Points table
1Valparaiso Women 7s680000League victory
2Arica Women 7s570000
3Santiago Women 7s470000
4Antofagasta Women 7s450000
5Sur Chile Women 7s320000
6La Serena Women 7s250000

Round 1
1Valparaiso Women 7s1244001083078Qualified to semifinals
2Arica Women 7s8420255505
3Antofagasta Women 7s8420261574
4Santiago Women 7s8420262602
5La Serena Women 7s4400444133-89

Round 1
06/07/2019Antofagasta Women 7s - La Serena Women 7s34-0
06/07/2019Arica Women 7s - La Serena Women 7s33-12
06/07/2019Arica Women 7s - Santiago Women 7s10-0
06/07/2019Santiago Women 7s - Antofagasta Women 7s36-7
06/07/2019Valparaiso Women 7s - Arica Women 7s28-5
06/07/2019Valparaiso Women 7s - Antofagasta Women 7s14-10
06/07/2019Valparaiso Women 7s - La Serena Women 7s40-15
06/07/2019Valparaiso Women 7s - Santiago Women 7s26-0
07/07/2019Antofagasta Women 7s - Arica Women 7s10-7
07/07/2019Santiago Women 7s - La Serena Women 7s26-17

Round 1 final phase

Round 2
1Valparaiso Women 7s104301120348601Qualified to semifinals
2Antofagasta Women 7s1043015357-410
3Arica Women 7s8420293514211
4Sur Chile Women 7s6410341117-7621
5Santiago Women 7s641033280-4821

Round 2
07/09/2019Valparaiso Women 7s - Sur Chile Women 7s57-0
07/09/2019Arica Women 7s - Santiago Women 7s38-5
07/09/2019Santiago Women 7s - Sur Chile Women 7s12-17
07/09/2019Valparaiso Women 7s - Antofagasta Women 7s33-0
07/09/2019Valparaiso Women 7s - Santiago Women 7s10-15
07/09/2019Arica Women 7s - Antofagasta Women 7s7-19
07/09/2019Antofagasta Women 7s - Sur Chile Women 7s19-17
07/09/2019Valparaiso Women 7s - Arica Women 7s20-19
08/09/2019Santiago Women 7s - Antofagasta Women 7s0-15
08/09/2019Arica Women 7s - Sur Chile Women 7s29-7

Round 2 final phase

Round 3