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Ukraine - National Championship Season: Competition overview
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Superliga 2011

Superliga and Major League were merged in only one tournament.
Olimp Kharkiv and Kredo-63 Odessa qualified directly for 2nd phase, being most of the players busy with the national selections.

Final results
Winner:Olimp Kharkiv

Group phase
Group 1
1Sokil Lviv3988003403830270Qualified for playoff
3RK Roland178305148227-7941Qualified for playout
4RK Rivne9820696254-15820
5Batjary Lviv4810758379-32100
RK Rivne had a 1 point deduction
for not playing against RK Roland on 05/06.

Group phase
11/06/2001Batjary Lviv - RK Rivne5-36
02/04/2011Sokil Lviv - Batjary Lviv69-0
03/04/2011Obolon-Universytet - RK Roland55-0
09/04/2011Obolon-Universytet - Batjary Lviv81-0
10/04/2011Sokil Lviv - RK Roland56-0
23/04/2011Obolon-Universytet - RK Rivne63-3
02/05/2011RK Rivne - Batjary Lviv26-9
14/05/2011RK Roland - Batjary Lviv72-3
21/05/2011RK Rivne - RK Roland3-24
23/05/2011Batjary Lviv - Sokil Lviv10-35
28/05/2011Batjary Lviv - RK Roland23-22
04/06/2011Sokil Lviv - Obolon-Universytet29-5
05/06/2011Batjary Lviv - Obolon-Universytet8-38
05/06/2011RK Roland - RK Rivne30-0
12/06/2011RK Roland - Obolon-Universytet0-29
12/06/2011Sokil Lviv - RK Rivne49-8
19/06/2011RK Rivne - Sokil Lviv3-31
25/06/2011RK Rivne - Obolon-Universytet17-43
28/06/2011RK Roland - Sokil Lviv0-58
03/07/2011Obolon-Universytet - Sokil Lviv12-13

Group 2
1Epokha-Politekhnik Kyiv2975113367725961Qualified for playoff
2Antares Kyiv2565102165915730
3TEKh-A-S Kharkiv157304118143-2521
4Eager Kyiv330034676-3012Qualified for playout
5Argo Kyiv0500515376-36100
Eager Kyiv retired during the tournament.

Group phase
27/03/2011Epokha-Politekhnik Kyiv - Antares Kyiv22-22
03/04/2011Eager Kyiv - Epokha-Politekhnik Kyiv24-25
03/04/2011TEKh-A-S Kharkiv - Antares Kyiv14-17
17/04/2011Epokha-Politekhnik Kyiv - Argo Kyiv91-5
23/04/2011Epokha-Politekhnik Kyiv - TEKh-A-S Kharkiv32-10
01/05/2011TEKh-A-S Kharkiv - Eager Kyiv14-10
15/05/2011Antares Kyiv - Epokha-Politekhnik Kyiv11-5
22/05/2011Antares Kyiv - TEKh-A-S Kharkiv24-13
29/05/2011Argo Kyiv - Antares Kyiv0-40
04/06/2011Argo Kyiv - Epokha-Politekhnik Kyiv5-113
05/06/2011Eager Kyiv - TEKh-A-S Kharkiv12-37
12/06/2011Antares Kyiv - Argo Kyiv102-5
12/06/2011Epokha-Politekhnik Kyiv - TEKh-A-S Kharkiv48-0
19/06/2011TEKh-A-S Kharkiv - Argo Kyiv30-0

Group 3
1Dynamo-Centr Tiraspol3066002287015860Qualified for playoff
2More Feodosia1663031761463031
3Akademia Odessa1563031591322721
4Politekhnik Odessa5610586183-9701Qualified for playout
5KDIPU Simferopol0200212130-11800
KDIPU Simferopol retired during the tournament.

Group phase
26/03/2011Akademia Odessa - Politekhnik Odessa18-17
02/04/2011KDIPU Simferopol - Akademia Odessa9-63
02/04/2011More Feodosia - Dynamo-Centr Tiraspol3-61
09/04/2011Akademia Odessa - Dynamo-Centr Tiraspol14-24
23/04/2011Dynamo-Centr Tiraspol - Politekhnik Odessa47-7
23/04/2011More Feodosia - Akademia Odessa15-25
14/05/2011More Feodosia - KDIPU Simferopol67-3
28/05/2011Politekhnik Odessa - More Feodosia21-30
04/06/2011Politekhnik Odessa - Akademia Odessa22-20
05/06/2011Dynamo-Centr Tiraspol - More Feodosia24-20
11/06/2011Dynamo-Centr Tiraspol - Akademia Odessa45-19
19/06/2011Politekhnik Odessa - Dynamo-Centr Tiraspol7-27
25/06/2011More Feodosia - Politekhnik Odessa41-12

Second phase
Playoff - Group A
1Olimp Kharkiv4088006321262080Qualified to final
2Obolon-Universytet238503159237-7830Qualified to 3rd place final
3TEKh-A-S Kharkiv238503164246-8230
4Dynamo-Centr Tiraspol108206106231-12511
5More Feodosia1800837372-33501

Second phase
03/09/2011More Feodosia - Olimp Kharkiv0-130
03/09/2011Obolon-Universytet - Dynamo-Centr Tiraspol40-17
07/09/2011Dynamo-Centr Tiraspol - TEKh-A-S Kharkiv15-30
09/09/2011More Feodosia - Obolon-Universytet0-36
10/09/2011Obolon-Universytet - More Feodosia31-3
17/09/2011TEKh-A-S Kharkiv - Dynamo-Centr Tiraspol10-5
18/09/2011Olimp Kharkiv - Dynamo-Centr Tiraspol98-0
29/09/2011Olimp Kharkiv - TEKh-A-S Kharkiv94-9
01/10/2011More Feodosia - TEKh-A-S Kharkiv7-55
02/10/2011Dynamo-Centr Tiraspol - Obolon-Universytet10-20
02/10/2011TEKh-A-S Kharkiv - More Feodosia31-24
08/10/2011Obolon-Universytet - Olimp Kharkiv0-67
15/10/2011More Feodosia - Dynamo-Centr Tiraspol3-17
15/10/2011TEKh-A-S Kharkiv - Obolon-Universytet21-3
16/10/2011Dynamo-Centr Tiraspol - More Feodosia42-0
16/10/2011Olimp Kharkiv - Obolon-Universytet114-0
20/10/2011TEKh-A-S Kharkiv - Olimp Kharkiv3-69
22/10/2011Dynamo-Centr Tiraspol - Olimp Kharkiv0-30
23/10/2011Obolon-Universytet - TEKh-A-S Kharkiv29-5
23/10/2011Olimp Kharkiv - More Feodosia30-0

Playoff - Group B
1Kredo-63 Odessa3066003491933060Qualified to final
2Sokil Lviv206402143172-2940Qualified to 3rd place final
3Epokha-Politekhnik Kyiv5610568243-17501
4Antares Kyiv4610589215-12611
5Akademia Odessa000000000
Akademia Odessa retired before the start of the 2nd phase.
Antares Kyiv had a 2 points deduction
for not playing against Kredo-63 Odessa on 08/10.

Second phase
03/09/2011Kredo-63 Odessa - Sokil Lviv66-5
04/09/2011Antares Kyiv - Epokha-Politekhnik Kyiv21-23
11/09/2011Sokil Lviv - Epokha-Politekhnik Kyiv41-10
18/09/2011Antares Kyiv - Kredo-63 Odessa8-77
24/09/2011Sokil Lviv - Antares Kyiv28-10
25/09/2011Kredo-63 Odessa - Epokha-Politekhnik Kyiv55-3
01/10/2011Epokha-Politekhnik Kyiv - Sokil Lviv12-29
02/10/2011Antares Kyiv - Sokil Lviv26-37
08/10/2011Kredo-63 Odessa - Antares Kyiv30-0
09/10/2011Epokha-Politekhnik Kyiv - Kredo-63 Odessa0-73
16/10/2011Sokil Lviv - Kredo-63 Odessa3-48
23/10/2011Epokha-Politekhnik Kyiv - Antares Kyiv20-24

1Politekhnik Odessa2765102013516650
2RK Roland216411103624130
3Batjary Lviv5510442122-8001
4Argo Kyiv0500522149-12700
5RK Rivne000000000
RK Rivne retired before the start of the 2nd phase.

Second phase
03/09/2011Politekhnik Odessa - Batjary Lviv48-3
10/09/2011Politekhnik Odessa - Argo Kyiv46-5
18/09/2011Politekhnik Odessa - RK Roland32-5
25/09/2011RK Roland - Batjary Lviv24-7
01/10/2011Argo Kyiv - RK Roland7-24
02/10/2011Batjary Lviv - Politekhnik Odessa10-32
08/10/2011Batjary Lviv - Argo Kyiv13-5
09/10/2011Argo Kyiv - Batjary LvivCancelled
15/10/2011Argo Kyiv - Politekhnik Odessa5-36
15/10/2011Batjary Lviv - RK Roland9-13
23/10/2011RK Roland - Politekhnik Odessa7-7
06/11/2011RK Roland - Argo Kyiv30-0

Final phase
Kredo-63 Odessa
10/30/2011 - 7-30
11/6/2011 - 3-24
Olimp Kharkiv
Olimp Kharkiv
3rd place final
10/30/2011 - 17-25
11/6/2011 - 11-38
Sokil Lviv
Sokil Lviv