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Japan - Top League Cup Season: Competition overview
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Top League Cup

Top League Cup 2019

Final results

Group phase
Poule A
1Suntory Sungoliath2455002453720836540Qualified for semifinals
2Panasonic Wild Knights20540118483101251031
3Honda Heat145302109116-7151720
4Red Dolphins Hino12520316711849251622
5Kurita Water4510453177-12472600
6Shimizu Blue Sharks0500555282-22784200

Group phase
22/06/2019Kurita Water - Honda Heat3-33
22/06/2019Panasonic Wild Knights - Red Dolphins Hino31-29
22/06/2019Suntory Sungoliath - Shimizu Blue Sharks88-5
29/06/2019Panasonic Wild Knights - Shimizu Blue Sharks55-14
29/06/2019Red Dolphins Hino - Kurita Water40-12
30/06/2019Honda Heat - Suntory Sungoliath3-40
06/07/2019Panasonic Wild Knights - Honda Heat40-7
06/07/2019Shimizu Blue Sharks - Red Dolphins Hino12-76
06/07/2019Suntory Sungoliath - Kurita Water55-7
12/07/2019Red Dolphins Hino - Suntory Sungoliath3-39
13/07/2019Honda Heat - Shimizu Blue Sharks42-14
13/07/2019Kurita Water - Panasonic Wild Knights10-39
19/07/2019Suntory Sungoliath - Panasonic Wild Knights23-19
20/07/2019Honda Heat - Red Dolphins Hino24-19
20/07/2019Shimizu Blue Sharks - Kurita Water10-21

Poule B
1Toshiba Brave Lupus23550019482112291230Qualified for semifinals
2NTT Shining Arcs20540121576139311031
3Yamaha Jubilo16530219086104291231
4NTT Docomo Red Hurricanes105203111117-6161820
5Munakata Sanix Blues4510450206-15673000
6Kyuden Voltex1500570263-193114101

Group phase
22/06/2019NTT Docomo Red Hurricanes - Munakata Sanix Blues33-5
22/06/2019Yamaha Jubilo - Kyuden Voltex62-12
23/06/2019NTT Shining Arcs - Toshiba Brave Lupus24-31
29/06/2019Kyuden Voltex - NTT Docomo Red Hurricanes5-45
29/06/2019Munakata Sanix Blues - NTT Shining Arcs6-57
29/06/2019Yamaha Jubilo - Toshiba Brave Lupus21-24
05/07/2019NTT Docomo Red Hurricanes - Yamaha Jubilo12-36
06/07/2019NTT Shining Arcs - Kyuden Voltex67-14
06/07/2019Toshiba Brave Lupus - Munakata Sanix Blues42-5
13/07/2019Munakata Sanix Blues - Kyuden Voltex27-22
13/07/2019Toshiba Brave Lupus - NTT Docomo Red Hurricanes35-15
13/07/2019Yamaha Jubilo - NTT Shining Arcs19-31
19/07/2019NTT Docomo Red Hurricanes - NTT Shining Arcs6-36
20/07/2019Kyuden Voltex - Toshiba Brave Lupus17-62
20/07/2019Munakata Sanix Blues - Yamaha Jubilo7-52

Poule C
1Kubota Spears235500121427919630Qualified for semifinals
2Canon Eagles205401131597216831
3Coca-Cola West Red Sparks145302101112-11141620
4Kamaishi Sea Waves9520354160-10682310
5Mitsubishi Dynaboars751045387-3471202
6Toyota Verblitz05005000000
Toyota Verblitz retired after 2 players were arrested on suspicion possessing cocaine.
Every match was considered a walk over loss and the opposite teams had 5 points.

Group phase
22/06/2019Kubota Spears - Coca-Cola West Red Sparks43-7
23/06/2019Kamaishi Sea Waves - Canon Eagles7-55
23/06/2019Toyota Verblitz - Mitsubishi DynaboarsAway team
walk over
29/06/2019Kamaishi Sea Waves - Kubota Spears7-39
29/06/2019Toyota Verblitz - Canon EaglesAway team
walk over
30/06/2019Coca-Cola West Red Sparks - Mitsubishi Dynaboars25-24
06/07/2019Canon Eagles - Coca-Cola West Red Sparks33-17
06/07/2019Kamaishi Sea Waves - Toyota VerblitzHome team
walk over
06/07/2019Mitsubishi Dynaboars - Kubota Spears7-12
13/07/2019Canon Eagles - Kubota Spears21-27
13/07/2019Mitsubishi Dynaboars - Kamaishi Sea Waves14-28
13/07/2019Toyota Verblitz - Coca-Cola West Red SparksAway team
walk over
20/07/2019Coca-Cola West Red Sparks - Kamaishi Sea Waves52-12
20/07/2019Kubota Spears - Toyota VerblitzHome team
walk over
20/07/2019Mitsubishi Dynaboars - Canon Eagles8-22

Poule D
1Kobelco Steelers23550021177134281230Qualified for semifinals
2Kintetsu Liners19540121089121321330
3NEC Green Rockets145302122125-3181920
4Ricoh Black Rams1252031627884271022
5Toyota Shokki Shuttles4510469177-108112700
6Mazda Blue Zoomers1500558286-22894401

Group phase
22/06/2019Kobelco Steelers - Kintetsu Liners22-14
22/06/2019NEC Green Rockets - Mazda Blue Zoomers43-12
22/06/2019Toyota Shokki Shuttles - Ricoh Black Rams14-36
28/06/2019NEC Green Rockets - Ricoh Black Rams7-5
29/06/2019Kobelco Steelers - Toyota Shokki Shuttles38-12
30/06/2019Kintetsu Liners - Mazda Blue Zoomers50-10
05/07/2019Ricoh Black Rams - Kobelco Steelers13-19
06/07/2019Mazda Blue Zoomers - Toyota Shokki Shuttles24-26
06/07/2019NEC Green Rockets - Kintetsu Liners19-56
13/07/2019Kintetsu Liners - Ricoh Black Rams38-26
13/07/2019Mazda Blue Zoomers - Kobelco Steelers12-85
13/07/2019Toyota Shokki Shuttles - NEC Green Rockets5-27
19/07/2019Kobelco Steelers - NEC Green Rockets47-26
20/07/2019Ricoh Black Rams - Mazda Blue Zoomers82-0
20/07/2019Toyota Shokki Shuttles - Kintetsu Liners12-52

Final phase