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Georgia - Georgian Cup Season: Competition overview
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Georgian Cup

Georgian Cup 2005

Final results

Group phase
Poule A
1Lelo Tbilisi12660024584161Qualified to semifinals
2Aia Kutaisi8640212010812
3Qochebi Tbilisi46204108123-15
4Universitet Tbilisi0600654212-158
5Hooligana Tbilisi0000000
Hooligana Tbilisi retired and all its matches were cancelled.

Group phase
27/05/2005Aia Kutaisi - Lelo Tbilisi19-41
03/06/2005Lelo Tbilisi - Universitet Tbilisi58-0
19/06/2005Qochebi Tbilisi - Aia Kutaisi11-14
19/06/2005Universitet Tbilisi - Hooligana Tbilisi22-31
24/06/2005Aia Kutaisi - Universitet Tbilisi28-8
24/06/2005Lelo Tbilisi - Qochebi Tbilisi23-13
29/06/2005Hooligana Tbilisi - Lelo Tbilisi14-50
29/06/2005Qochebi Tbilisi - Universitet Tbilisi16-12
04/07/2005Universitet Tbilisi - Lelo Tbilisi3-53
08/07/2005Aia Kutaisi - Qochebi Tbilisi15-6
12/07/2005Universitet Tbilisi - Aia Kutaisi13-20
16/07/2005Qochebi Tbilisi - Lelo Tbilisi25-41
20/07/2005Lelo Tbilisi - Aia Kutaisi29-24
20/07/2005Universitet Tbilisi - Qochebi Tbilisi18-37

Poule B
1Lokomotivi Tbilisi16880026034226Qualified to semifinals
2Akademia Tbilisi9850331797220
3Armazi Tbilisi1830521012981
4Dinamo Tbilisi1830593213-120
Akademia Tbilisi, Armazi Tbilisi and Dinamo Tbilisi
had a 1 point deduction for not playing 1 match.
Telavi had a 2 points deduction for not playing 2 matches.

Group phase
18/05/2005Akademia Tbilisi - Telavi161-0
22/05/2005Lokomotivi Tbilisi - TelaviHome team
walk over
27/05/2005Dinamo Tbilisi - TelaviHome team
walk over
14/06/2005Akademia Tbilisi - Dinamo Tbilisi66-19
17/06/2005Armazi Tbilisi - Lokomotivi Tbilisi12-32
20/06/2005Armazi Tbilisi - Telavi111-0
20/06/2005Lokomotivi Tbilisi - Dinamo Tbilisi63-0
24/06/2005Akademia Tbilisi - Armazi Tbilisi36-17
29/06/2005Lokomotivi Tbilisi - Akademia Tbilisi39-10
30/06/2005Dinamo Tbilisi - Armazi Tbilisi11-5
05/07/2005Armazi Tbilisi - Akademia TbilisiAway team
walk over
05/07/2005Dinamo Tbilisi - Lokomotivi TbilisiAway team
walk over
09/07/2005Armazi Tbilisi - Dinamo Tbilisi32-17
09/07/2005Telavi - Lokomotivi Tbilisi0-89
13/07/2005Lokomotivi Tbilisi - Armazi Tbilisi27-9
13/07/2005Telavi - Akademia TbilisiHome team
walk over
17/07/2005Akademia Tbilisi - Lokomotivi Tbilisi3-10
17/07/2005Telavi - Dinamo Tbilisi6-34
21/07/2005Telavi - Armazi Tbilisi6-24
22/07/2005Dinamo Tbilisi - Akademia Tbilisi12-41

Final phase
Aia Kutaisi
7/27/2005 - 20-22
7/31/2005 - 12-43
Lokomotivi Tbilisi
8/6/2005 - 24-9
Lokomotivi TbilisiLokomotivi Tbilisi
Akademia Tbilisi
7/25/2005 - 19-24
7/30/2005 - 16-16
Lelo Tbilisi
Lelo Tbilisi