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Romania - Cupa Romaniei Season: Competition overview
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Cupa Romaniei
Cupa Regelui

Cupa Romaniei 2016

Final results

First phase
Group 1
1Stiinta Baia Mare246501185879827631Qualified for quarter finals - seeded
2Timisoara Saracens246501153866722940
3Steaua Bucuresti196402155936221821
4Dinamo Bucuresti1363031361306121610
5CSM Bucuresti Olimpia10620491146-55101902Qualified for quarter finals - not seeded
6Universitatea Cluj8620497151-5482100
7Poli Iasi1600698222-124103110

First phase
19/03/2016CSM Bucuresti Olimpia - Dinamo Bucuresti7-14
19/03/2016Stiinta Baia Mare - Poli Iasi34-12
20/03/2016Steaua Bucuresti - Universitatea Cluj45-15
26/03/2016Poli Iasi - CSM Bucuresti Olimpia6-27
26/03/2016Timisoara Saracens - Stiinta Baia Mare8-18
27/03/2016Dinamo Bucuresti - Steaua Bucuresti13-22
02/04/2016CSM Bucuresti Olimpia - Timisoara Saracens8-29
02/04/2016Universitatea Cluj - Dinamo Bucuresti15-24
03/04/2016Steaua Bucuresti - Poli Iasi54-20
09/04/2016Stiinta Baia Mare - CSM Bucuresti Olimpia61-11
10/04/2016Poli Iasi - Universitatea Cluj3-18
12/04/2016Timisoara Saracens - Dinamo Bucuresti32-17
16/04/2016Dinamo Bucuresti - Poli Iasi46-27
16/04/2016Steaua Bucuresti - Stiinta Baia Mare18-16
16/04/2016Universitatea Cluj - Timisoara Saracens10-28
23/04/2016CSM Bucuresti Olimpia - Steaua Bucuresti16-13
23/04/2016Stiinta Baia Mare - Universitatea Cluj29-16
29/04/2016Dinamo Bucuresti - Stiinta Baia Mare22-27
29/04/2016Poli Iasi - Timisoara Saracens30-43
29/04/2016Universitatea Cluj - CSM Bucuresti Olimpia23-22
04/05/2016Timisoara Saracens - Steaua Bucuresti13-3

Group 2 - Blue
1Navodari286600251108143361740Qualified for round of 16
4Bucovina Suceava4610586195-109112900

First phase
19/03/2016Galati - Barlad17-15
20/03/2016Navodari - Bucovina Suceava43-5
26/03/2016Bucovina Suceava - Barlad13-22
26/03/2016Navodari - Galati27-15
02/04/2016Barlad - Navodari35-40
03/04/2016Galati - Bucovina Suceava36-10
09/04/2016Barlad - Galati20-20
09/04/2016Bucovina Suceava - Navodari22-39
15/04/2016Barlad - Bucovina Suceava37-13
16/04/2016Galati - Navodari14-31
23/04/2016Bucovina Suceava - Galati23-18
23/04/2016Navodari - Barlad71-17

Group 2 - Red
1Stejarul Buzau2866001894414528640Qualified for round of 16
2Stiinta Petrosani156303110168-58162321
3Manastur Cluj126204116158-42162522
4Aurel Vlaicu Arad5610598143-45152121
Aurel Vlaicu Arad had a 2 points deduction not having played the match against Stejarul Buzau on april 9th.

First phase
19/03/2016Stejarul Buzau - Aurel Vlaicu Arad20-5
26/03/2016Manastur Cluj - Aurel Vlaicu Arad31-12
26/03/2016Stiinta Petrosani - Stejarul Buzau0-36
02/04/2016Aurel Vlaicu Arad - Stiinta Petrosani31-27
03/04/2016Stejarul Buzau - Manastur Cluj53-23
09/04/2016Aurel Vlaicu Arad - Stejarul BuzauAway team
walk over
09/04/2016Manastur Cluj - Stiinta Petrosani9-12
16/04/2016Stejarul Buzau - Stiinta Petrosani42-11
17/04/2016Aurel Vlaicu Arad - Manastur Cluj19-29
23/04/2016Stiinta Petrosani - Aurel Vlaicu Arad36-31
24/04/2016Manastur Cluj - Stejarul Buzau5-38
26/04/2016Stiinta Petrosani - Manastur Cluj24-19

Final phase
Round of 16Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
Stiinta Baia Mare
5/7/2016 - Walk Over
Stiinta Baia Mare
Navodari5/14/2016 - 40-13
4/29/2016 - 14-21
Stejarul Buzau
Stejarul BuzauStiinta Baia Mare
5/21/2016 - 12-37
Dinamo Bucuresti
5/7/2016 - 28-17
Dinamo Bucuresti
Universitatea Cluj
Timisoara Saracens
Timisoara Saracens
5/7/2016 - 60-10
Timisoara Saracens
5/15/2016 - 36-7
CSM Bucuresti Olimpia
Timisoara Saracens
Steaua Bucuresti
5/8/2016 - 43-3
Steaua Bucuresti
Poli Iasi