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Japan - National championship Season: Competition overview
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West Regional Top League 2010/11

Teams variations
Relegated from Top League 2009/10:Honda Heat
Promoted to Top League 2010/11:Toyota Shokki Shuttles
Relegated to Lower Leagues 2010/11:Auto Zentsuji
Promoted from Lower Leagues 2009/10:K-Powers

Final results

First phase
Top League A
1NTT Docomo Red Hurricanes2044001763114540Qualified for playoff
2Honda Heat1643012665321331
3Chubu Electric Power9420286100-1410
4Osaka Police64103105134-2911
5Mitsubishi Red Evolutions0400414329-31500Qualified for playout

First phase
11/09/2010Honda Heat - Chubu Electric Power41-0
11/09/2010Osaka Police - NTT Docomo Red Hurricanes7-41
19/09/2010Chubu Electric Power - NTT Docomo Red Hurricanes3-42
19/09/2010Mitsubishi Red Evolutions - Osaka Police7-62
16/10/2010Chubu Electric Power - Mitsubishi Red Evolutions61-0
16/10/2010NTT Docomo Red Hurricanes - Honda Heat27-21
24/10/2010Mitsubishi Red Evolutions - Honda Heat7-140
24/10/2010Osaka Police - Chubu Electric Power17-22
31/10/2010Honda Heat - Osaka Police64-19
31/10/2010NTT Docomo Red Hurricanes - Mitsubishi Red Evolutions66-0

Top League A1
1JR West Railers2355001876412330Qualified for playoff
2Unitika Phoenix195401157886930
3Ricoh Japan1353029098-810
4Osaka Gas1252031401053522
5Nippon Shinyaku5510486183-9710
6K-Powers2500598220-12220Qualified for playout

First phase
25/09/2010JR West Railers - Unitika Phoenix27-10
25/09/2010K-Powers - Ricoh Japan10-25
25/09/2010Osaka Gas - Nippon Shinyaku46-0
09/10/2010Nippon Shinyaku - JR West Railers7-46
09/10/2010Ricoh Japan - Osaka Gas15-11
16/10/2010K-Powers - Unitika Phoenix14-54
23/10/2010K-Powers - Nippon Shinyaku27-43
24/10/2010JR West Railers - Osaka Gas21-18
24/10/2010Unitika Phoenix - Ricoh Japan20-8
07/11/2010Nippon Shinyaku - Unitika Phoenix17-39
07/11/2010Osaka Gas - K-Powers43-35
07/11/2010Ricoh Japan - JR West Railers17-38
21/11/2010JR West Railers - K-Powers55-12
21/11/2010Osaka Gas - Unitika Phoenix22-34
21/11/2010Ricoh Japan - Nippon Shinyaku25-19

Second phase
Top League A playoff
1NTT Docomo Red Hurricanes1433002064016620Qualified for Challenge 1
2Honda Heat103201146569020Qualified for Challenge 2
3Osaka Police5310243137-9410
4Chubu Electric Power0300320182-16200

Second phase
07/11/2010Honda Heat - Osaka Police36-12
07/11/2010NTT Docomo Red Hurricanes - Chubu Electric Power78-3
27/11/2010Honda Heat - Chubu Electric Power80-5
27/11/2010NTT Docomo Red Hurricanes - Osaka Police89-7
05/12/2010NTT Docomo Red Hurricanes - Honda Heat39-30
05/12/2010Osaka Police - Chubu Electric Power24-12

Top League A playout
1JR West Railers6210127141311Qualified for Group A
2Mitsubishi Red Evolutions5210163511210Qualified for Group A1
3Unitika Phoenix521013459-2510

Second phase
04/12/2010JR West Railers - Unitika Phoenix3-7
11/12/2010Mitsubishi Red Evolutions - Unitika Phoenix56-27
18/12/2010Mitsubishi Red Evolutions - JR West Railers7-24

12/18/2010 - Walk OverToyota Blue Wing
Toyota Blue Wing