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Japan - National championship Season: Competition overview
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West Regional Top League 2012/13

Teams variations
Relegated from Top League 2011/12:Honda Heat
Relegated to Lower Leagues 2012/13:Nippon Shinyaku
Promoted from Lower Leagues 2011/12:Shimadzu

First phase
Top League A
1Toyota Shokki Shuttles2044002035914440Qualified for playoff
2Honda Heat1543012364419230
3Chubu Electric Power94202118126-810
4Osaka Police6410368143-7511
5JR West Railers0400434279-24500Qualified for playout

First phase
01/09/2012Chubu Electric Power - Toyota Shokki Shuttles17-33
01/09/2012Osaka Police - JR West Railers48-0
08/09/2012Honda Heat - Chubu Electric Power62-8
13/10/2012Toyota Shokki Shuttles - Osaka Police61-6
21/10/2012Honda Heat - Toyota Shokki Shuttles21-36
21/10/2012JR West Railers - Chubu Electric Power19-71
28/10/2012Honda Heat - Osaka Police66-0
28/10/2012Toyota Shokki Shuttles - JR West Railers73-15
04/11/2012JR West Railers - Honda Heat0-87
04/11/2012Osaka Police - Chubu Electric Power14-16

Top League A1
1Unitika Phoenix2154011989410441Qualified for playoff
2Mitsubishi Red Evolutions2154011731086541
3Osaka Gas1553021531213221
5Toyota Blue Wing85104116156-4031
6Ricoh Japan55104105184-7910

First phase
29/09/2012Osaka Gas - Unitika Phoenix22-27
29/09/2012Shimadzu - Ricoh Japan29-12
29/09/2012Toyota Blue Wing - Mitsubishi Red Evolutions17-46
13/10/2012Osaka Gas - Ricoh Japan50-19
20/10/2012Mitsubishi Red Evolutions - Shimadzu29-32
21/10/2012Unitika Phoenix - Toyota Blue Wing33-24
04/11/2012Mitsubishi Red Evolutions - Ricoh Japan50-24
04/11/2012Shimadzu - Unitika Phoenix17-90
04/11/2012Toyota Blue Wing - Osaka Gas24-27
17/11/2012Osaka Gas - Mitsubishi Red Evolutions20-29
17/11/2012Ricoh Japan - Unitika Phoenix12-33
17/11/2012Toyota Blue Wing - Shimadzu30-12
24/11/2012Ricoh Japan - Toyota Blue Wing38-21
24/11/2012Shimadzu - Osaka Gas22-34
24/11/2012Unitika Phoenix - Mitsubishi Red Evolutions15-19

Second phase
Top League A playoff
1Toyota Shokki Shuttles1533001423610630Qualified for Challenge 1
2Honda Heat1032011645510920Qualified for Challenge 2
3Chubu Electric Power5310255189-13410
4Osaka Police0300337118-8100

Second phase
10/11/2012Honda Heat - Osaka Police40-8
10/11/2012Toyota Shokki Shuttles - Chubu Electric Power57-15
17/11/2012Honda Heat - Chubu Electric Power110-5
17/11/2012Toyota Shokki Shuttles - Osaka Police43-7
24/11/2012Chubu Electric Power - Osaka Police35-22
24/11/2012Toyota Shokki Shuttles - Honda Heat42-14

Top League A playout
1JR West Railers9220073205310Qualified for Group A
2Unitika Phoenix521015070-2010Qualified for Group A1
3Mitsubishi Red Evolutions020023468-3400

Second phase
08/12/2012Unitika Phoenix - Mitsubishi Red Evolutions43-22
15/12/2012JR West Railers - Mitsubishi Red Evolutions25-12
22/12/2012JR West Railers - Unitika Phoenix48-7